If we were to draw up a shortlist of actors to play Donal Trump in a movie, it's probably safe to say that Johnny Depp wouldn't be on it. 

It's not a question of Depp's talent by any means it's more the lack of physical resemblance than anything else. However after seeing the Funny or Die trailer for "The Art of the Deal: The Movie" which sees Depp play the US Presidential hopeful, we're now convinced that nobody else could ever do Trump justice. 

Striking while the iron is still hot after Trump's New Hampshire primary win, Funny or Die have released a 50 minute 'Art of the Deal" film that is (Not) based on Trump's own bestselling novel of the same name. 

The movie also stars Patton Oswalt as Merv Griffin, Jack McBrayer as Der Scutt (Trump’s architect), Alfred Molina as Jerry Schrager, Henry Winkler as New York City Mayor Ed Koch, Michaela Watkins as Ivana Trump and Jacob Tremblay (“Room”), as well as Andy Richter, Stephen Merchant and iconic ’80s stars like ALF (as himself). Country crooner Kenny Loggins, of course, sings “The Art of the Deal” theme song.

You can watch the trailer below and if you're ready for the whole movie come right this way

Via Variety