It's hard to quantify just how terrible Life On The Line is without seeing it.

John Travolta plays a Southern lineman - which is one of those guys who climbs up an electrical pole and fixes or cuts the power lines as needed - and is now responsible for Devon Sawa (remember him?) because his father died on a dangerous job one night. Sawa, meanwhile, is now married to Kate Bosworth and expecting a child, so he has to provide for that child by - you guessed it - becoming a linesman like his father.

Who died from being a lineman. That's what they call a Significant Incident in terrible screenwriting classes.

So, let's take a look.

Yes, that was the entire film in just under three minutes. Also note how the sound kept coming in and out of the trailer as it played. This wasn't some fake account or trailer, this is an actual official trailer from Shaw Brothers - one of the film's distributors. So, yeah, that's another point.

So, thoughts? John Travolta was exceptional in American Crime Story: The People Vs. OJ Simpson, as he was playing an over-the-top, theatrical version of Robert Shapiro. People loved how campy and kitsch it was.

The same approach should be taken here because, let's face it, John Travolta is now mostly doing joke roles like this and Robert Shapiro. Don't expect to see this in cinemas in Ireland any time soon, either.

As far as we're aware, this hasn't even been picked up for US distribution. You'll probably see this in a bargain bin DVD in a petrol station - so if you do get to see it, let us know how it all ends because the trailer only got us 99.9% of the film.