For the undead, they're very mobile... (apologies). The first trailer for Stephen King's Cell has dropped and - in short - 'cell phones' are going to bring about the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

For those of requiring slightly more detail: John Cusack simply wants to go home to see his son, however - as luck would have it - mobile phones start possessing everyone around him and, before you know it, there's only a handful of functioning human's left, including Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson and a few others. Thankfully, they have access to a LOT of guns. In short, if you're a fan of B Movies, this is could be your Holy Grail. 

This isn't the first time Jackson and Cusack have been involved in a Stephen King adaptation; both appeared in 1408 back in 2007. This film - which is directed by Tod Williams (he was responsible for Paranormal Activity 2) - is due to be released Stateside sometime in June.