Jennifer Lawrence has been known for pushing herself to the edge for her roles, even going so far as to apparently tear her diaphragm during the film of mother! from screaming too much.

If this full trailer for Red Sparrow is anything to go by, it's quite likely she chalked up a few more injuries here as well. The film sees Lawrence play a Russian ballet dancer who's ordered by her government to help them assassinate an enemy in exchange for helping her mother receive medical treatment and, subsequently, so she can remain alive.

Joel Edgerton, meanwhile, plays an American CIA agent who embarks on an affair with her - but may also be targeted by her, or could possibly be looking to defect. In between them, you have Charlotte Rampling as her mentor, Jeremy Irons as a KGB director, Matthias Schoenarts looking REALLY like Vladimir Putin, and lots of weird sex stuff in there as well.

Red Sparrow hits Irish cinemas on March 2nd.