In case you didn't know that they were making a movie about Goosebumps, you do - and the legend Jack Black exclusively introduces the brand new trailer for us here at

The movie stars Jack Black as author R. L. Stine, who is not a big fan of his new neighbours. Despite telling them quite clearly to stay off his property, Jack (the son who thinks he should save Stine's daughter from something or other) trespasses on to his property, and ends up releasing every monster that Stine ever created. 

If you've read all the Goosebumps books, then you'll know that there were a hell of a lot of monsters, and as Uproxx point out, the movie then more or less turns into a version of Jumanji, combining the '90s nostalgia of that movie with the '90s nostalgia of the books. Nostalgia overload...

We're going to wait to see if they release a choose your own ending version of this movie just like they did with the books.

Via Uproxx