Those of us of a certain vintage will recall the TV movie The Krays that starred Spandau Ballet's Martin and Gary Kemp.

It's actually not that bad, but it's very, VERY dated. Anyway, the story of the Krays is a particularly brutal, sordid chapter in London history and is ripe for a big-screen retelling.

Enter Tom Hardy and Brian Helgeland, who wrote office favourite LA Confidential and underrated Mel Gibson thriller Payback.

Aping Adam Sandler in comedic slaughterhouse Jack & Jill, Hardy will be playing both Ronnie and Reggie Kray.

The first trailer, we've gotta say, looks very promising. We're liking the attention to period detail, the glossy direction from Helgeland and Hardy looks to be giving it loads as both characters.

We're excited, folks. You should be too. Legend is expected in Irish cinemas on September 11th.

Take a look!