Hello? The 90's? Is that you? Wow, you've been gone a long time.

Before you get all excited - NO, THIS IS NOT A GRAND THEFT AUTO FILM. Let's just get that clear right now before we go any further.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson seems like he's on a one-man mission to revive high-concept blockbusters or basically the films of your childhood with schlockfests like Hercules and now this.

The Rock plays a search-and-rescue pilot who's about to have a very bad day - the San Andreas Fault finally gives and is set to destroy all of California. They'll even feel it on the East Coast, according to science man Paul Giamatti.

The trailer has the usual mix of CGI destruction and people looking off into the foreground, coupled with an ironic, slowed-down pop song. 

Initial thoughts? At the very least, it looks like it's going to be fun. Fun, as in it could be absolutely terrible - like Dante's Peak, Volcano and any other disaster flick.

The Rock is reteaming with Brad Peyton, who he previously worked with on Journey 2 The Centre of The Earth. Yes, we totally remember that film. It was about classic rock band Journey, right? No?

Also, Kylie Minogue turns up in this. Kylie actual Minogue. So let's gauge our excitement levels based on that.

San Andreas will be breaking ground (heh) in May 2015.