Odd pairings for 300, Alex.

Ice Cube seems to have more or less resigned himself to starring in mid-budget comedies like Hit & Run and now, Fist Fight, where he plays an Angry Teacher. We've already seen Ice Cube as an Angry Barber, Angry Cop, Angry Father and now we have Angry Teacher.

How about Angry Astronaut? Or an Angry Stem-Cell Researcher? Does he even have to be angry at all, in fairness? Who knows. Anyway, Fist Fight sees Ice Cube facing off against Charlie Day, a fellow teacher who obviously has some sort of disagreement with his colleague.

What has us mildly interested in this is seeing Tracy Morgan back in the saddle and making films again after his horrific crash two years ago. You've also got Workaholics' Jillian Bell and Mad Men's Christina Hendricks in there as well and the premise is, at least, funny enough.

It could work. (shrug) Here's the first trailer.