Is your name Will Smith? If it is, no doubt you've been plagued with post-introduction conversations that start with 'Ha ha, like the actor', or 'Ha ha, give us an oul' rap', or 'Ha ha, you don't look fresh or like a prince to me' for your entire life.

Well, the good news is that there may finally be something in it for you sharing your name with a famous actor.

Smith has put a call out for all other Will Smiths around the world to 'stand up' and help him out with the promotion of his new film 'Bright'. As he says in the below video, Netflix have him on a fairly intensive promotional schedule and it's 'too much' for him to handle - so he needs some assistance from his multitude of namesakes.

Of course, it doesn't necessarily mean a free trip to Japan where you'll be treated like a movie star, but you never know.

Watch his plea below: