Although this year saw fascinating and incredibly well-made horror films - It Follows and The Babadook being two of particular import - it looks like 2016 is setting itself up nice as well.

We've already seen the disturbing trailer for euro-horror Goodnight Mommy and now we have a response from the US in the shape of The Witch. Directed by newcomer Robert Eggers, The Witch tells the story of a family of puritans in 1630 who settle in New England and attempt to begin a new life. However, as these things go, it slowly begins to go sour and when their newborn son disappears, the family begins to tear itself apart under the strain.

A24 has a record of backing smart, well-made films and this looks like another win for them. They previously did work on the utterly fantastic Under The Skin and worked on last year's A Most Violent Year. The Witch looks like it could be a callback to those unsettling, '60s British psychological horrors like The Witchfinder General and The Masque Of The Red Death, but with a few modern twists.

Take a look at the first trailer. An Irish release date is expected for 2016.