This really does come as a shock, especially since JJ Abrams flat-out told us that there would be no more trailers for The Force Awakens.

However, just an hour or two ago, the Asian / International trailer for The Force Awakens landed online and there's a TON of unseen footage from it.

While it doesn't give us any kind of insight into the plot, we do get a better glimpse at Kylo Ren and Princess Leia, not to mention Daisy Ridley's Rey mentioning the fact that she's waiting for her "family."

Enough preamble, let's watch the trailer.

That shot of Kylo Ren standing over Rey and the genuine look of fear in her eyes is pretty damn scary. We're also loving the idea of Chewbacca blowing s*** up and that X-Wing / TIE Fighter clash looks incredible.

Jesus Christ, we are so pumped for this. FORTY DAYS, PEOPLE.


Via YouTube