Having produced brutally honest trailers for the likes of The Greatest Showman, Black Panther and Baby Driver of late, the latest from Screen Junkies looks at every Christopher Nolan movie ever.

Needless to say there are some common threads between Nolan’s movies, including their similar protagonist - an ‘intense, stoic man who’s likely some thief, criminal or vigilante, but who still follows a strict code’ - who ‘reckons with the tragedy of his past’, which is typically the death of his wife.

They also tend to have women who are secretly evil, snowy lairs, Christian Bale in a miserable prison, rich guys buying things, clunky exposition, drowning, screaming, killer trains and tan suits.

Jokes aside, it acknowledges Nolan for the genius he is, ‘a true auteur’ and ‘one of our greatest modern directors’.