Y'know, deep down, we always thought American Psycho was a romantic comedy.

After all, it has all the hallmarks of one. Rich, attractive man living the life in New York, has a cute girlfriend but feels like he's not living his life to his full potential. It's only when you bring in the super-violence, the fact that he's a complete psychopath that enjoys killing women that it gets away from it.

Anyway, Irrational Films felt the same way and decided to recut American Psycho to make it look like a rom-com. And you know what? It still works.

Take a look.

See what we mean? TOTALLY works a romantic comedy. The choice of cheesy piano music at the start also makes it.

Get Nancy Meyers to direct this and it works. The Phil Collins / Whitney Houston soundtrack even fits with a rom-com, for feck sake.


Via YouTube