While some people might have seen it as a lazy rehash, we personally loved the visual callbacks to A New Hope throughout The Force Awakens.

If anything, it enhanced the story because it was as much about history repeating itself as it was about moving on to the future, a new generation of heroes and fans. The film itself was an exploration of what we pass on and what we leave behind for the future, so why shouldn't the two look somewhat similar?

Whatever your opinions might be on the subject, one thing's for sure - The Force Awakens did look gorgeous and the lush cinematography was incredible on the big screen. What with the home release due pretty shortly, here's a nice little video by editor Zachary Antell that charts the many visual references and callbacks to A New Hope.

A few of these, we'll admit, we recognised on the first watch - but some definitely caught us by surprise.

Take a look.


Via Vimeo