Yes, it really is just two seconds long. And you're probably right - this isn't exactly breaking news.

We reported earlier in the week that the upcoming Star Wars teaser is due in the next couple of weeks and that a select few have already seen it.

A copy of the Star Wars trailer is reported to have made its way online, but only a two-second .gif has been made publicly available.

Take a look.


If you read our report into the alleged teaser, the final shot is the Millenium Falcon flying right at the camera like this. Not only that, check out that lens flare. That's Abrams all over.

The supposed plan is for the teaser to Star Wars: The Force Awakens to debut it in front of EVERY film this coming weekend - it's Thanksgiving in the US, don't forget - and the trailer debuting online simultaneously.

We are agonisingly close, people.


via /Film, Making Star Wars