For some reason, however, it looks like Arnie hasn't put his name to this particular sequel. Weird...

Don't worry though, because there's still plenty of muscle on display thanks to WWE star Santino Morella, who will be involved in some way, but the trailer gives absolutely no clue as to what his role will be (generic fake-Italian guy, we presume) or what in the world the movie is actually about. Well, Christmas, obviously, but you need to turn to the description to find out that it's a battle between two "desperate dads" who are trying to get "The Harrison Bear", which is the season's hottest toy.  

It promises to be "heartwarming and hilarious fun for the whole family!". You may have noticed at the end there that this movie will be going straight to DVD, another surprise. We'll keep an eye out for it, of course, as no Christmas day could be considered complete without watching Jingle All The Way 2 now, could it?

Via Den of Geek