Saying it's going to be the Mean Girls of next year is reductive, but it's the closest thing we can compare it with that accurately represents our level of excitement.

Starring Mae Whitman AKA Arrested Development's 'Ann' (Her?), The DUFF is another high-school comedy in the vein of Mean Girls and Easy A, with the title not referring to The Simpsons' brand of beer, but the new acronym and label that Whitman's Bianca finds herself landed with. And what does it stand for? Designated Ugly Fat Friend, which you can imagine is not the nicest thing to be known as or referred to by the rest of the student population.

Based on a novel by Kody Keplinger, The DUFF looks set to follow some familiar paths but with the comedy chops of Whitman on board as well as support from Alison Janney, Ken Jeong and a cast full of talented up-and-comers, this is one to certainly look forward to.

The DUFF is scheduled for release in April 2015 in the US. We'll keep you posted on an Irish release date.