Believe it or not, some of the shine has gone off Pixar. Last year's Monsters University was good, but not great. Cars 2 was, well, also not great.

However, Inside Out looks like it could put the vaunted animation studio back on top where it belongs.

Set inside the mind of a young girl called Riley, her emotions are Fear (Bill Hader), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), Sadness (Phyliss Smith), Anger (Lewis Black) and their leader, Joy (Amy Poehler).

When Joy goes missing inside Riley's expanding mind - which is also a bustling metropolis - the remaining emotions are left to guide Riley through the beginnings of puberty.

Needless to say, it doesn't go well.

This kind of high-concept idea is what Pixar brilliant in the first place. Take something very simple - be it toys of childhood or, in this case, giving your own emotions character - and running the full length with it.

We're very excited about this.

Inside Out is out on these shores until June 19th, 2015.