Almost everyone now knows the name of Edward Snowden.

What makes that interesting is that while almost everyone knows his name, it's unlikely that the same amount know the intricacies of his story or why he chose to leak one of the largest tranches of classified information to the world.

You couldn't really think of a better director to take on his story than Oliver Stone. After all, 'oul Olly managed to reopen the investigation into the assassination of JFK back in the '90s - so it's entirely possible he could do something similar here.

At the very least, it looks like we're in for a fascinating paranoia-driven thriller. Take a look.

It's interesting to see Oliver Stone go back into this kind of world, especially since he basically wrote the book on these kind of real-world, investigative, provocative films.

His last film was the disappointing Savages, back in 2012. Before that, we had the lacklustre sequel to Wall Street and before that was W., the George W. Bush biopic. In other words, his last few films haven't really been all that much.

Here's hoping that Snowden's a return to form for him.

Snowden hits Irish cinemas in Winter 2016.