The real magic isn't on screen, the real magic is how Now You See Me managed to get a sequel considering the first one was only just OK.

Nevertheless, here we are with Now You See Me 2 and its first trailer. This time around, The Four Horsemen - that's Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco and Lizzy Caplan - are back and squaring off against tech genius Daniel Radcliffe, who's somehow threatened them into doing a near-impossible heist.

So... it's Ocean's 12. With magicians. Got it.

Here's the trailer.

Look, it all looks very splashy and everything and we're sure Radcliffe will be interesting as a somewhat clumsy villain, but we think you're all forgetting the fact that Morgan Freeman fell asleep during press interviews for the previous film.

Full-blown nodded off in the middle of conversation between himself, Michael Caine and an interviewer. Really. Look it up.