Although Bruce Lee's life and career has been covered before, one of his most well-known exploits - outside of films, anyway - was a controversial fight that took place between Lee and Wong Jack Man, a well-known martial arts teacher.

The story, depending on who you ask, is that Wong Jack Man and Bruce Lee fought for anywhere between three minutes and twenty-five minutes in a no-holds-barred fight that was held behind closed doors. The exact reason for the fight is, as you'd expect, disputed.

Some believed Wong Jack Man was fighting Lee because of his willingness to teach Chinese martial arts to outsiders, whereas others say it was because Bruce Lee offered an open challenge to any martial artist in San Francisco. In any case, the story's gone down in legend and nobody's really sure what happened.

George Nolfi, who directed the hugely underrated The Adjustment Bureau, directs this splashy biopic of the fight with a screenplay from Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen J. Rivele, both of whom wrote the Ali biopic directed by Michael Mann and Oliver Stone's Nixon. 

Granted, this isn't a great first trailer but it looks like it could be an interesting story and the behind-the-scenes talent is there. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!