Although the trailer is just a little over two and a half minutes long, Annabelle: Creation manages to pack in just about every horror trope you can think of.

You've got Rundown Scary House™, Creepy Children™, Well-Meaning Parents Who Just Want Their Child Back™, Exorcist Priest™, Window Reflection Scare™, Locked Door Where Creature Lives That's Opened By Precocious Child™ and probably a few others in there that we missed.

Oh, and it's set in the '50s, which is scary all by itself. Annabelle: Creation marks director David F. Sandberg's first feature-length film after Lights Out, the critically-acclaimed horror which he spent a number of years working on. It's also the second spin-off from The Conjuring universe, which also has a film based on the creepy nun from The Conjuring 2 in the works as well. Annabelle originally featured in the first Conjuring film and was given its own spin-off film in 2014.

It's a pretty clever system that James Wan's come up with; spin-off films made on small budgets that attract large audiences with young directors who are allowed to spread their wings creatively.

Annabelle: Creation hits Irish cinemas on August 11th.



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