We're on the record as saying Adam Sandler is one of the worst comedy actors out there today.

Look, he might be a nice guy and everything - but Grown-Ups 2 and Jack & Jill were both utterly unforgivable. Plus, that whole "I'm going to do good films" pitch he had with Funny People was a complete lie. So there's that, too.

Anyway, Pixels is clearly trying to cash in on the resurgence of classic videogames in much the same way that Wreck-It Ralph did.

In fact, we can pretty much guess how the pitch meeting went for this. "Think Ghostbusters, but with videogames!" -- You mean Wreck-It Ralph? "That too!" -- SOLD!

And here we are.

We don't like writing films off, straight out of the gate and we desperately want a decent, funny comedy about videogames.

And the fact that Chris "Home Alone" Columbus is involved means there might be a sliver of hope here.

Take a look at the trailer and judge for yourself.