As one of the last big hitters of 2012, we sent our Sarah Doran off on her tod to London town where she caught up with the writer and director of the fantastic Tom Cruise starrer, Jack Reacher. Written by the critically acclaimed Lee Childs and brought to the big screen by the Oscar winning Chris McQuarrie, movie buff Sarah was beside herself with excitement to catch up with these lads. Watch here to see McQuarrie discuss working with Tom Cruise - not to mention those Mission Impossible 5 rumours - and here, where Lee Childs opens up about handing over his beloved story - or what he describes as his baby - to the movie's director. Sarah also had the pleasure of catching up with cast member David Oyelowo who some of you may remember from hit British TV show, Spooks. David spoke to Sarah about how much fun it was working with the inimitable Tom Cruise, and of course, his experience of making the forthcoming Lincoln with our very own Daniel Day Lewis.

Jack Reacher hits cinemas on December on St Stephen's Day and you can read our four star review right here.