Motion-capture acting is one of the key elements of Warcraft and making it look convincing can be a tough job.

For Toby Kebbell, it's business as usual. His nuanced performance alongside Andy Serkis in Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes was one of the most captivating performances in the medium and pushed the boundaries of what can be done with the technology. When we talked to Kebbell and Dominc Cooper - who plays King Llane Wrynn - the subject of motion-capture and whether or not it deserves its own category came up for discussion.

Take a look.

It's pretty interesting how the motion-capture technology works; fair play to Toby Kebbell for educating both us and Dominic Cooper on the subject. Also, we're saying it now - we'll see a Motion Capture Award in the next ten to fifteen years at the Oscars and Toby Kebell should retrospectively get one.