Donald Trump has had plenty of film and TV cameos over the years and he almost had one in the movie that won Al Pacino his Oscar. 

It was Ben Affleck that first revealed that Trump had negotiated a cameo in Scent of a Woman in exchange for permission to film in the Plaza Hotel which he owned at the time. 

“The director Marty Brest told me he’d had to create a whole hand-shaking scene in Scent of a Woman where Trump comes out of the door and goes, ‘Hey! Donald Trump, nice to meet you,’ as he bumps into Al Pacino. The ego was there a long time ago.” Affleck told Vanity Fair

Chris O'Donnell was on Conan last night and the host decided to put it to the star as to whether that story was true. 

“We got new pages given to us one day when we were filming [at] the Plaza Hotel — which I guess Trump owned at the time — and it said we’re doing a scene with Donald Trump and it explained to us in that in order for us to film at the Plaza we had a little walk-on part for Trump,” O’Donnell said.

So it turns out Affleck was wrong. Trump wasn't supposed to have any lines. Just a part as an extra for himself and Marla Maples. Sadly for Trump it ended it up being cut from the finished movie which really calls into question his negotiating skills that the deal he made allowed the filmmakers to have that option. 

"Donald probably thought that’s going to be in the movie and they were throwing that footage away as he was leaving,” Conan joked.