In that we're now very, very old because the cast of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory are all middle-aged and look nothing like themselves at all.

We were genuinely shocked to see what Charlie looked like AND the fact that the chocolate river was not, in fact, made of chocolate.

Look, it's not like you would have actually drank that stuff because the steamboat waded through it and stuff, but still, this whole video just ruined any semblance of childhood innocence about the film.

Plus, we're also noting a distinct lack of Gene Wilder in the proceedings, which is kinda lame. He's great and he needs to be in way more stuff. Blazing Saddles? Hear No Evil, See No Evil? Those are classics.

Seriously, Gene Wilder needs to stop this whole happily retired jazz and get back to it. Where were we?

The children from Willy Wonka and the crushing realisation that time and aging is unyielding.

Right, got it. Take a look!


Via YouTube