From winning an Oscar to having a sheet with eyeholes cut in thrown over your head. Who said Hollywood wasn't glamorous?

Casey Affleck and Rooney Mara reunite with David Lowery in the upcoming film 'A Ghost Story', a movie he shot in secret in two months in Dallas after he completed Disney's 'Pete's Dragon' last year.

Having received a lot of acclaim at Sundance, Affleck plays a ghost watching Mara mourn him, and from there it gets a bit weird. But the good kind of weird. We think.

Here's the official synopsis:

Prematurely taken from this Earth, a spectral figure who was once a man (Casey Affleck) makes his way toward his former home, where he is fated to remain forevermore. Shrouded in a white sheet, he observes the lament of his grief-stricken lover (Rooney Mara). Bearing unseen witness to her pain, the wisp stands sentry for years to come, interacting only with time as it hurtles further and further forward, the remnants of his humanity quietly evaporating.

'A Ghost Story' is released in the US on July 7th, with an international release date to follow.