For those of us who still can't forgive Kate Winslet for allowing Leonardo DiCaprio to sink to the bottom of the freezing cold ocean when she CLEARLY HAD ROOM FOR ONE MORE ON THAT RAFT THING, there are others who'd like to have seen things done differently; we are not alone.

Evil incarnate, otherwise known as Titanic's Cal Hockley, played by Billy Zane, laments his character in an interview with The Today Show, and says he wishes things went another way. "He was a little misunderstood," explains Zane. Still on the receiving end of flak - people to this day come up to him on the street to ask where the diamond is and insult his terrible gunshot - Zane added that he was 'not the iceberg' and that he 'didn't drown 2000 people'.

Does he think Rose should have stayed with him? Yes. 'I think he found redemption at the end and I wish he had found her on the Carpathia to right his wrongs.'

Speaking recently to US Weekly, Cal said: "The world is divided into two kinds. When [women] were younger they were like, 'How could you do that to Jack?' And when they grow up they [now say to me], 'What was Rose thinking?'"

Where do you stand?