Without a shadow of a doubt, Blade Runner 2049 is probably our most anticipated film this year (sorry, The Last Jedi) and everything we've seen so far looks incredible.

For us, Denis Villeneuve was the perfect candidate to replace Ridley Scott and this looks even more certain as a newly-released featurette for the production lands online. The four-minute video showcases a ton of new footage and also features a couple of snippets of the incredible work going on behind the scenes in terms of design, cinematography by Roger Deakins, and Harrison Ford grumbling out how much he loves working with a familiar character.

You also get to see a lot more glory shots of Los Angeles in 2049, the beautiful holographs that were seen briefly in the teaser, and a snippet or two of Ryan Gosling in action. Don't worry though, there's no mention of plot or story so you won't need to be afraid of spoilers or the like.

Blade Runner 2049 hits Irish cinemas on October 6th of this year.