We're guessing McAvoy's got the hair chopped for X-Men: Apocalypse, but we don't have any explanation for Daniel Radcliffe's face-mane. Maybe it's a style choice?

It's a solid beard, nonetheless. The first trailer for Victor Frankenstein has gone online and it's an altogether jazzy and splashy affair. Directed by Sherlock veteran Paul McGuigan, it tells the story of Igor and Victor Frankenstein as they journey to create the first living human made out of dead parts and electricity. Looking to get in their way is our own Andrew Scott, who plays the straight-laced Inspector Turpin.

There's a serious bang of Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes off of this, which isn't too bad. Does anyone remember Kenneth Branagh's Frankenstein? Exactly.

Take a look!

So, thoughts? There's way more humour than we expected, which is intriguing. We always had this down as a sort of sombre, gritty take on the horror classic. Instead, it looks more like a steam-punk adventure with plenty of witty banter between McAvoy and Radcliffe.

We're also pretty jazzed to Andrew Scott doing well. He's going to be huge. He's got this and a little film called Spectre on the way, so it's all gravy for that guy. Victor Frankenstein hits our screens in late 2015.