We know what 'The Meg' is. You know what 'The Meg' is. Even Jason Statham knows what 'The Meg' is. It's a fun, but slightly ridiculous, family friendly summer shark movie full of cheesy one-liners and A MAN WRESTLING A SHARK WITH HIS BARE HANDS.

Apologies for shouting. But we just wanted to remind you exactly what we're dealing with here. The good people at CinemaSins obviously feel the same and have given the Jon Turteltaub-directed blockbuster their 'Everything Wrong With' treatment and as usual, it's hilarious.

Based on a novel by writer Steve Alten, and starring Li Bingbing as Statham's love interest and Rainn Wilson as a billionaire investor, 'The Meg' is an enjoyable goof that was dying to be satirised like this.

So, put the kettle on. Turn off those Christmas movies, grab what's left of the tub of Roses and settle in for a comprehensive, 16 minute 'review' of a movie that literally had the phrase 'Pleased to Eat You' on the poster. Enjoy.

P.s: Despite what you've just read and watched, 'The Meg' is getting a sequel. Because, of course it is.

Via: YouTube