Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway have come together in a new movie that sees one of them working for the other. But wait, he's working for her!? Whhhhaaaaaatt!?

Surely he's too old to work, right? She's young and kooky and has her own company where she rides a bike around the place, and they're from different generations that totally don't understand each other, what could they possibly learn from one another or teach each other throughout the course of their time together?

The plot of the movie sees Oscar winner DeNiro join Oscar winner Hathaway's company as an intern (hence the title) on a senior program, but he seems like a fish out of water in a workplace full of poorly dressed young people. He's wearing a suit and he's not even on Facebook. 

The two strike up a friendship despite all those differences, when it turns out that they both like pizza and beer. But wait, Hathaway's in trouble because the evil business investors, in their suits and ties, want to bring in a new CEO who knows the ropes and isn't so young. What can she do? If only there were someone older, someone who's got real life experience (something you can't buy with all that money or get at your fancy Ivy League colleges) to give her some good advice. Wait a minute...

Via Uproxx