Although Wonder Woman was the course correction that the Warner Bros. / DCEU needed, it does still look like the whole thing is in flux and that a firm idea and overall story arc hasn't been nailed down - especially when you consider just how out-there this news is.

Den Of Geek have confirmed with comic-book author Mark Millar that an adaptation of the alternate-history comic Superman: Red Son is currently at the "conversation stage", and from other unnamed-but-reliable sources that a live-action version is the way Warner Bros. sees it playing out.

For those that don't know what Red Son is, here's a quick synopsis - essentially, the story presupposes that the baby Kal-El didn't land in Smallville, Kansas but instead landed on a collective farm in Ukraine. Superman is then raised in secret and becomes a leading example of Communism and, eventually, the leader of the Soviet Union. That's just the general sketches of the story, mind. Batman becomes a resistance leader, Lex Luthor becomes US President, there's all sorts of craziness.

The comic-book was split into three issues as a standalone story, but the fact that Warner Bros. thinks they can throw this in on top of the current DCEU means they're trying to hurl shit at the wall and see what sticks - instead of coming up with a cohesive, overall storyline for each of the characters.

Don't get us wrong, Red Son is a brilliant comic-book and the idea of a Communist Superman in a live-action film is fantastic - but there's no way this can really work in the current landscape. For one, Henry Cavill can't really act and we're supposed to buy him with a Russian accent? Secondly, Lex Luthor was turned into Mark Zuckerberg and that's just lazy. Thirdly, the DCEU has had one good film so far and that's Wonder Woman. It's a bit early to be going off on spin-offs and the like.

In other words, folks, this is a pie-in-the-sky idea. Don't expect to see this come to fruition any time soon.


Via Den Of Geek