Although it's the end of July, it's never too early for studios to begin campaigning for the Oscars in March of next year.

In fact, a report by Variety has it that Warner Bros. is already beginning to plan out a strategy for Patty Jenkins to take Best Director and Wonder Woman to take Best Picture. Variety says that Warners "have internally discussed launching a formidable awards-season campaign for the movie, in the hopes of making it the first comic-book film nominated for best picture."

While Wonder Woman had formidable earnings at the box office, a comic-book movie has so far never managed to secure a Best Picture nomination - not even 2009's The Dark Knight. The other horse in Warners' stable is, obviously, Dunkirk. The film is already being touted as the film of 2017, with Nolan expect to be a strong contender for Best Director and Dunkirk for Best Picture - effectively pitting the studio's two best chances for Oscar gold against one another.

The real reason, however, for even considering Wonder Woman as a possibility is due to the updated voting pool of AMPAS. Now that a much younger and more diverse group of people will be seeing and voting on the potential Oscar candidates, there's a far better chance of a comic-book property making a dent.

The real campaigning kicks off with the Toronto International Film Festival, which runs from September 7th to the 17th.


Via Variety