Remember that time Dwayne Johnson (more commonly referred to as The Rock back then) played the bad guy in The Mummy Returns and everyone loved him so much that he got his own spin-off movie, The Scorpion King? This is just like that time!

We’ve known for a while now that the action star would be playing the villain Black Adam in the DC Comics film adaption of Shazam! Black Adam is Shazam’s arch-nemesis who in the original comics was a corrupted, ancient Egyptian predecessor of Captain Marvel. More recently it was teased that Johnson could be also facing off Henry Cavill's Superman in a future project.

While the latter is still on the cards, it would seem now that Shazam!, which comes from the DC cinematic universe and is scheduled for release in 2019, will now consist of two features – one of which will centre on Black Adam.

Johnson has been attached to play the supervillain for years now but recently his career has really sky rocketed. He is beloved by all, was the highest paid actor of last year, and is basically box office gold. Thus it’s likely that the producers at DC Films realised that Johnson is a commodity worth investing some more in.

Still, many questions remain – when are we going to see this movie? Who’s writing (Earth to Echo’s Henry Gayden is attached to Shazam! anyway) and who’s directing it? Watch this space.


Via The Hollywood Reporter