Hurray! We have an update on the Jurassic 4 plot. Underwater dinosaurs anyone? Hells YEAH! It's inevitable that the plot for the fourth installment would take us to new, thus far unfathomable territory, if it really wants to make a splash (geddit?) at the box office. As per JoBlo, we can expect a 'new dinosaur' that 'will make you keep the lights on after this movie'. Eeek!

What's more, Jurassic Park 4 will also see our central protagonists return to the Isla Nublar, where the first movie's events took place (back in 1993).

Plot details thus far have been slim to none. But now we're getting a few tidbits, via JoBlo. One trusty source says the director Colin Trevorrow wants the audience to 'feel like it's the last day of sixth grade again', which I'm sure you can translate into the Irish equivalent.

In this movie, Isla Nublar is now a theme park, as was John Hammond's vision in the first movie. It will feature a water park too where you can expect 'tamed dinos' snacking on Great White Sharks for lunch. And the bad guys from the previous movies will now apparently have been tamed. So you can expect a few T-Rexs swanning around with a muzzle on their fangs and a leash around their necks. Standard pets that they've become.

The threat in this movie will come in the form of a new dino which we know nothing about as of yet. It's said to be freakishly smart and a force that even the T-Rex and Velociraptor can't compete with. But perhaps we're best off leaving all of the surprises 'til we plonk our bums in those comfy cinema seats, right?