Who knew thirsty, made-up stories about your favourite singer could be made into a movie? Not us. We've probably all heard of fan fiction or 'fanfic' before, but for those who are new to it, it's defined as a story written by a fan featuring a celebrity — the stories also have a bit of a name for getting a little saucy here and there.

The members of the retired band 'One Direction' had umpteen fanfic stories, but in 2017 Robinne Lee published her novel, a Harry Styles-inspired story called 'The Idea of You' which tells the tale of a mother working at an art gallery whose daughter is desperate to go to a concert.

Sounds pretty mundane, right? Wrong. The film based around the book will follow Anne Hathaway as Sophie, the 40-year-old divorcée who agrees to take her daughter to Coachella when her ex can't make it.

There in the desert heat among the fringe shorts and cowboy boots, Sophie manages to bump into the heartthrob, 24-year-old Hayes Campbell (read: Harry Styles), frontman of the band known as August Moon (read: One Direction). Just like that, her weekend goes from babysitting her daughter at a festival to being caught up in the kind of romance that teenagers write fanfic about — yes, we're being ironic.

But if you think this film is going to be all about Mr. Styles, you'd be sorely mistaken. That is, at least according to the author herself, Lee told Vogue "This was never supposed to be a book about Harry Styles". Rather, she insists the focus is on reclaiming your sensuality and worth especially as a woman emerging from a divorce.

The film will be produced and directed for Prime Video by Michael Showalter who worked on 'The Dropout' alongside Hathaway, our author Lee, Cathy Schulman, Gabrielle Union, Kian Gass, Eric Hayes, and Jordana Mollick.

Well... what do we think?