It's Santa as you've never seen him before - as everyone's favourite crush, David Harbour.

Are you feeling festive today? Or how about a little chaotic? If you just so happen to be in the mood for a little bit of both, then cast your twinkling eyes on this 'Violent Night' trailer in all of its festive anarchy.

David Harbour (your crush from Netflix's 'Stranger Things') stars as the merry ol' man himself, who is having a lovely jaunt of an evening, going about his Santa business when he accidentally stumbles into the wrong house at the very wrong time.

John Leguizamo (who you'll know from 'John Wick' and 'Moulin Rouge!') leads a team of stealthy mercenaries who have broken into a wealthy family's house on Christmas Eve, taken everyone hostage, and is looking to get some of the $300 million that they have in their vault.

Now, the team weren't expecting to be gatecrashed by Saint Nick, especially not a version of the magical man who is quite so violent. It's up to Santa in order to, yep, save this family's Christmas - and he's getting pretty hands-on in order to do so ("time for some season's beatings"). This Nick ain't no Saint.

The movie is directed by Tommy Wirkola ('What Happened To Monday', 'Hansel & Gretel') and comes from 87North’s Kelly McCormick, David Leitch, and Guy Danella, the producers of 'John Wick', 'Deadpool 2' and 'Bullet Train'.

Unsurprisingly, the movie is rated "R" (18+), meaning that no, you won't be able to bring your five-year-old to go see this in cinemas, okay people? Let's not forget that time people unassumingly brought their children to go see Billy Bob Thornton's Saint Nick have sex with Lauren Graham in 'Bad Santa' - do people not watch trailers anymore?

Here's the bananas trailer, which is definitely not for kids.

'Violent Night' hits cinemas on December 2.