We all knew it was coming of course, how could they not make another Fast and Furious sequel? There may have been confirmation that another sequel was to be added to the franchise, but aside from that, it was all quiet on the Western front when it came to any actual details. Finally the hush hush charade has ended and Vinny 'the mouth' Diesel as he will now be referred to has given us the lowdown on the next installment.

Set to hit screens in July 2014, the film is going to undergo at least one major change. Justin Lin, long-established director of the previous sequels has decided to leave the series to work on different projects. His loving ode to the Fast and Furious franchise was an ending teaser scene post-credits in the last film, Fast and Furious 6. In the scene, Justin Lin introduced a new villain for the next sequel and director. Who is to follow such successful sequels you may ask? James Wan, horror director extraordinaire of films such as Saw and Insidious, is the one hauling the chair from underneath Lin's ass to take the position as new director.

One of the most impressive feats of the franchise has been its comeback ability. Seven films is no easy streak. In keeping with this, Diesel has continued to say that the upcoming seventh flick will birth a new trilogy. This could be the never ending story by the looks of it, but once it keeps up the speed, it's hard to see fans shying away at this stage. Bring it on Wan.

Each time around, one thing fans are all desperate to find out is where the bloody thing will actually be shoot, considering how much it moves location. Diesel revealed, albeit reluctantly, that the cast are 'going home' for the seventh film, as well as doing stints in Tokyo and the Middle East. Speaking about the new director, hottie Paul Walker became very profound, saying 'I like his head, I like his mind, I like his heart too.' OK Paul, digging deep for an action film there. If Wan's previous work is anything to go by, Fast and Furious is about to go dark and even tenser,so buckle up.