Veteran character actor Jon Polito has died at the age of 65.

Polito, who had well over 100 credits to his career, passed away from an undisclosed illness earlier today. As well as starring in such seminal television shows like Seinfeld, NYPD Blue, Crime Story and Homicide: Life On The Street, Polito was perhaps best known for his roles in Miller's Crossing as Johnny Caspar and in Barton Fink as Lou Breeze.

Polito also appeared in The Hudsucker Proxy and had a small role in The Big Lebowski as well.

More recently, he appeared on Modern Family, Comedy Bang! Bang! and had a small role in Tim Burton's Big Eyes. He is survived by his partner, Darryl Armburster. The news was first reported by director John McNaughton, who posted a moving tribute to the actor with whom he had worked with on Homicide: Life On The Street.