News coming in from The Wrap is that Sony Pictures have their sights set for two "Untitled" projects. The first is entitled, 'Untitled Sony/Marvel' and dated for July 10th, 2020; while the second film 'Untitled Sony/Marvel Sequel' is dated for October 2nd, 2020.

It seems pretty safe to say that 'Venom 2' will likely fill that October gap. Sony Pictures must be delighted that their gamble has paid off, as 'Venom' has made over 779 million dollars at the box office since opening on October 3rd. Tom Hardy's villainous affair will likely want to see those figures again for its sequel - and maybe fix everything that was wrong with the original? We can only hope.

The other "Untitled" Sony Pictures project is also not that hard to figure out. Sony have wanted to branch out into their villainous universe for years now - ever since Andrew Garfield's 'Amazing Spider-Man' hit our screens.

Rumblings of every Spider-Man villain has been heard to be in contention, from Kraven the Hunter, to Doctor Octopus. It mustn't help Sony's matters by including Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio in 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' next year. However, the most likely villain to be getting his big-screen debut is 'Morbius the Living Vampire'.

Jared Leto has been cast as the star of the show, with filming said to begin next year. The actor recently took to his Instagram... to shave his face. Along with the video, he also put up the caption "And so it begins... #MORBIUS".


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And so it begins...#MORBIUS ✂️✂️??

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The story of Morbius is that he is a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist. He gets transformed into a vampire while attempting to cure a rare blood disease. His method involves using electroshock therapy and vampire bats, naturally.

Sony's 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' will release in July, 2019.