Val Kilmer's had quite a few iconic roles in his time - Tombstone, Batman Forever, The Saint and, of course, Top Gun.

However, it's rare that he's returned for a sequel. Fans will know that his time on set with Joel Schumacher for Batman Forever was an unhappy one, so naturally he didn't return for Batman & Robin. However, with the news of a sequel to Top Gun edging closer to a reality, the likelihood of Val Kilmer returning seemed unlikely.

For one, he's more or less off doing arthouse theatre now and big-budget blockbusters don't excite him anymore. Or do they?

According to Kilmer's Facebook page, he received a phone call through his agent from Jerry Bruckheimer and Tom Cruise regarding returning for a Top Gun sequel. Kilmer played Tom 'Iceman' Kazanski, the calculating pilot who eventually won the Top Gun trophy and was a catch-all antagonist for Tom Cruise's Maverick.

Take a look.

Look, we don't care about the whole homoerotic subtext thing, Top Gun was a slick '80s blockbuster about fighter pilots. Who wouldn't want to see what those guys are up to in the age of drones?

Not only that, the possibility of seeing Present-Day Val Kilmer in a flight suit is too good to pass up. We're in.


Via Facebook