For anyone who doesn't know who Uwe Boll is, he's been oft described as The Worst Director Working Today and The Master Of Error and a few other stuff that's not fit for human eyes.

The German director's created such cinematic masterpieces like In The Name Of The King, Assault On Wall Street, Blubberella and a film about Auschwitz that was filmed on the same set as BloodRayne 3: The Third Reich. Really.

Simply put, Uwe Boll is more known for making awful films than he is for making good ones and, for the most part, he's traded on this reputation. His films, however, have reached a certain level of notoriety and they're available on a range of formats. However, that's not enough for Uwe Boll and it looks like he's taking the streaming world head on with his own site - Bollflix., which is still under work, will have - at least, we're assuming anyway - all of Uwe Boll's works in one handy place outside of the bargain bin in your local petrol station. Want to see Attack On Darfur AND 1968 Tunnel Rats in the one place? You're in luck, friend. is for you.

Really, though, you've got to wonder how long this is going to last and whether or not Uwe Boll is serious about this. He's attempted to get Kickstarters going for some of his films that have, well, not really worked out for him - to put it mildly.

Is this another attempt at raising money for the long-awaited BloodRayne 4 film? Who knows.