As the excitement for Fifty Shades of Grey reaches a climax (see what we did there?), fans are already planning their cinematic experiences.

Over 50,000 pre-booked tickets have been sold in Ireland, whilst across the pond in the US, cinema chains are having to deal with another problem regarding Fifty Shades of Grey.

AMC Theaters, which is one of the big cinema chains in the States, has banned the use of whips, chains and leather items at screenings of the erotic thriller.

A spokesperson for AMC said that they "do not permit weapons, real or fake, or items that would make other guests feel uncomfortable or detract from the movie-going experience."

The film, for those that don't know, features a billionaire who's really into S&M and embarks on a passionate affair with a journalism student. We've all been there.

"If someone tries to bring in a bow and arrow for the next Hunger Games, we’ll ask them to leave it in the car. If someone shows up in a Bane mask, we’ll ask them to remove it. If someone starts tossing around a whip or pulls out handcuffs, we’ll ask them to put it away. We think common sense will prevail."

Common sense and Fifty Shades of Grey fans usually don't go together, AMC Spokesperson.

For all we know, people could be bringing in whips as part of a Indiana Jones marathon?

Fifty Shades of Grey lands in Irish cinemas next Friday.