Universal are really hoping to supercharge their shared monster universe with star power. 

The studio have been making a series of high profile hires in recent times with Tom Cruise starring in The Mummy reboot, Russell Crowe signed up to play Dr. Jekyll/Mr Hyde, Johnny Depp in talks to play The Invisible Man and Angelina Jolie being courted to star in and maybe even direct a Bride of Frankenstein movie. 

As if that wasn't enough, it's now being reported that Javier Bardem is wanted as the new Frankenstein's monster

The Mummy is the first of the projects that will be brought to life. That's already begun filming in London and will feature Crowe's Dr. Jekyll alongside Cruise while Star Trek Beyond's Sofia Boutella will be playing the titular monster. 

Should Bardem sign up for the role, it's unlikely he'll appear in The Mummy (though not impossible) and his participation in the franchise will probably depend on whether the first installment is a success.