Unless you’ve been passed out from all the turkey and stuffing sandwiches, you’ll know that the ‘Cats’ movie has been an unmitigated disaster.

Despite the stellar cast, and direction of ‘Les Mis’’ Tom Hooper, the 'Cats' movie has been bashed by critics and the subject of much online piss-taking. You can read our review here. (We went with ‘cat-astrophe’. Cheers, we liked it too).

According to Box Office Mojo, it has only taken in $17m worldwide against its $95m budget and it seems that Universal have accepted its fate. According to Variety, they have quietly removed the movie from their ‘For Your Consideration’ page as well as from the private Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences streaming service.

And despite being nominated for a Golden Globe, the original song ‘Beautiful Ghosts’ by Taylor Swift and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber has been removed from Oscar consideration.

‘Cats’ seemed doomed the moment they released the now infamous trailer which you can enjoy, or torture yourself with, below.