The search for a good film based on a video game goes on.

Reviews for the 'Uncharted' film, based on the hit PlayStation series, are trickling in.

The critical consensus for the film has been mixed-to-slightly-positive, with our review noting "the film isn't remarkably bad, but it's just not particularly good either."

"It's the most damning thing of all for a blockbuster - mediocre, and kind of boring".

Robbie Collin, film critic for British newspaper The Telegraph said that Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg were "miscast" in the roles, with the critic noting Wahlberg, in particular, fills the role of Sully "like a ballgown fits an orangutan".

Collin noted "eery frame is so obviously green-screened, airbrushed and otherwise climate-controlled that it unfolds without a squeak of peril – the stakes couldn’t have felt lower if an extra-life counter were sitting in the corner of the screen".

In their two-star review for the film, Empire Magazine critic Nick De Semlyen said the film occasionally matches the spectacle of the game, but overall said the film was too derivative of previous adventure films such as 'Indiana Jones'.

The review summarised the film as "a film based on a game inspired by films that are much better than this one, 'Uncharted' is watchable enough but could have been so much better."

The Radio Times review shared a similar sentiment, with the review stating "while there are flashes of what made the games so absorbing, there’s little here that feels exciting or original, and the best you can say is that it’s not an actively unpleasant watch."

Peter Bradshaw for The Guardian dubbed the film "an action film by committee" in his 2-star review.

Early fan reaction for the film appears to be positive, however, with fans of the games generally positive on the film, with this thread compiling the positive fan reviews.