The iconic yellow tracksuit wasn't a highlight for the action hero while filming the 'Kill Bill' franchise.

The Bride from 'Kill Bill' volume one and two has gone down in history as one of the strongest portrayals of a female-centred character leading an over-the-top action story. However, it turns out that the actor who played the character, Uma Thurman, was not a fan of her outfit.

The katana-weilding character's look was inspired by Bruce Lee's final appearance in martial arts movie 'Game of Death', appearing in it breifly before him untimely death at the age of 32.

Speaking with Cinema Blend about the award-winning franchise, director Quentin Tarantino said that Thurman "hated" her yellow get-up, saying the director was trying to make her look like a "clown". She also missed the Bruce Lee reference, which she later took on board as a positive thing.

He told the website: "Uma hated the yellow tracksuit. Hated it. Didn't get it. Thought she looked like a Popsicle -- a banana Popsicle.

"She was just not into it. She had no idea who Bruce Lee, practically. I finally had to show her 'Game of Death'. She sorta kind of got it. Now, since then it's become this totally iconic thing. And she probably doesn't even remember it, But she was like, 'You're trying to make me look like a clown!'"

Uma Thurman and her near-death 'Kill Bill' appearance was uploaded on social media by the actor in 2018. The car crash happened while filming 'Vol. 2' of the series, with Thurman saying the incident was "negligent to the point of criminality".

With rumours of a third 'Kill Bill' entry, Tarantino has said that should it happen, he would cast Thurman's daughter, Maya Hawke, as The Bride's Daughter. Could it be the director's tenth and final movie before his planned retirement?