It has become the law in Hollywood to make a legacy sequel to any film with cultural relevance, and now 'Twister' is the next on the list.

Universal are actively seeking out a director to the 1996 disaster movie, which starred Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt as a pair of stormchasers.

With Paxton passing away in 2017, the film still hopes to cast his co-star Helen Hunt in the sequel, with the new film focusing on Paxton and Hunt's daughter who grew up to be a stormchaser.

Deadline are reporting that Universal have identified a wishlist of directors, with 'Top Gun Maverick' director Joseph Kosinski the initial first choice but is committed to making a Brad Pitt formula one movie.

The current directors in the mix include 'Free Solo' directors Jimmy Chin & Elizabeth Chai Vaserhelyi, and 'Bumblebee' director Travis Knight.

The article noted that the studio was interested in getting 'Prey' director Dan Trachtenberg to direct, but the director stated on his Twitter page that he is not making the film.

With those three directors named in the Deadline piece, it is apparent that Universal are looking for directors who have experience working with visual effects but are also adept at handling smaller character moments, just like the first 'Twister' movie.

The script for the sequel has been written by 'The Revenant' screenwriter Mark L. Smith, and considering how the Oscar-winning Leonardo Di Caprio movie also dealt with humans battling against forces of nature, he appears to be a natural fit for the project.

With extreme weather event on peoples minds, it seems that a sequel to 'Twister' would prove timely.

'Twister' received two Oscar nominations for its sound and visual effects, and was one of the biggest box office hits of 1996.

Thanks to frequent TV airings, the film has become somewhat of a 90s cult classic, and Universal are backing on the promise of audiences wanting more weather-based mayhem.

If the new 'Twister' can give us a scene as iconic as a poor cow being sucked right into the middle of a deadly twister, it will have accomplished it's goal.